Jacqueline Bergeron O'Toole '85

Owner of ONE Gift and Coffee Shop and founder of Sea el Cambio, Jacqueline Bergeron O'Toole is a firm believer in the notion that one person can change the world.

"ONE opened in 2009 with a mission that ONE gift, ONE person and ONE place can make a difference."

Jacqueline earned her associate degree in Health Care Administration in 1985, but Lasell College taught her so much more.

"The majority of the stories I heard were filled with laughter, joy and very strong family values, the same as what I was used to," Jacqueline said. "However, there were also stories of struggles."

For Jacqueline, those were the stories that touched her most, as they put a "heart, soul and face to poverty around the world" and left her with a desire to help others.

To learn more about ONE Gift and Coffee Shop, Sea el Cambio and Jacqueline's Life after Lasell, watch the video below.

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