Online Graduate Program QuestionsQ. I want to buy a computer, what do you recommend and do you offer any discounts?
A. We recommend you purchase the computer you feel most comfortable using within your price range. Take advantage of our agreements with Dell, Apple  or Lenovo to receive Lasell's discounted price.

Q. Do you have a recommendation for the minimum technical requirements for a computer?
A. For Windows computers we recommend Windows 7 with at least 4GB of RAM. For Apple computers we recommend OSX and at least 4GB of RAM. Full and extended manufacturer warranties are highly recommended for each.

Q. Do you have a recommendation for the minimum technical requirements for internet service?
A. For taking online courses we strongly recommend an internet service capable of utilizing multimedia web content such as online videos and documents which may accompany your course. Typical services are Cable Internet service with speeds up to 100/mbits download and 20/mbits upload. A bare minimum option would be a Digital Subscriber Line or DSL services with speeds of 256/kbits download and 14kbits upload if your location does not support high speed cable. Any internet services that exceed these numbers would be applicable. 

Q. What software should I have on my computer?
A. For the online programs at Lasell, we strongly recommend using Mozilla Firefox as your web browser on Windows and Apple computers. Firefox is the only recommended browser guaranteed to provide the full features available in the Moodle Learning Management System.

We recommend a word processor such as Microsoft Office or OpenOffice (free). Microsoft Office is available for Windows and Mac at a discount through JourneyEd. OpenOffice is available for Windows and Mac as a free download at Your computer should be loaded with a current and automatically updating antivirus. For Windows based computers we recommend Avast Free Edition and for Apple based computers we recommend Sophos Home Edition. Please note that Apple computers are not immune to virus and malware attacks.

Q. How should I backup my documents?
A. We recommend backing up all of your coursework in the OneDrive included with your Microsoft email account. This location is secure, protected and comes fully loaded with free features. We do not recommend using USB flash drives or external hard drives for backing up your files. No matter what solution you choose, remember to always at least one copy of your coursework in a different location than the original.

For all other questions our staff at the Technology Help Desk are available 24/7 by phone (617)243-2200 and during business hours by email and chat support

Moodle Support
Moodle is the platform students use to access their course assignments and to interact with their professors and classmates. It is the online forum through which students will discuss course content, post questions to the professor or their classmates, turn in homework assignments, and receive feedback on their progress.

Once a student has enrolled, they will have access to step-by-step instructions on how to best use the learning management system right on the Moodle homepage.