MS in Criminal Justice: Emergency and Crisis Management


Master of Science in Criminal Justice

The ability to effectively plan for and respond to emergencies – including natural and man-made disasters, accidents, terror-related events, infrastructure failures, and other crises on a local or national scale – is vital in limiting the scope of damages and resulting casualties. The Emergency Crisis Management concentration will provide you with the skill set you need to lead and manage response teams, conduct negotiations, investigate causes, and take steps to prevent reoccurrences.

The 36 credits of coursework includes:

  • 21 credits of the core M.S. in Criminal Justice curriculum
  • 9 credits of Emergency Crisis Management courses – Crisis and Emergency Management, Risk Management and Planning, and Crisis Communication
  • 6 credits of electives in relevant subject areas


Core Curriculum
CJ701 The Criminal Justice System & Process 3
CJ702 Critical Legal Issues in Crim Justice 3
CJ703 Advanced Criminological Thought 3
CJ704 Ethical Theory & Criminal Justice Policy 3
CJ705 Criminal Justice Leadership & Management 3
CJ709 Research Methods & Statistical Analysis 3
CJ799 Internship or Research Capstone 3
Concentration Courses
CJ720 Crisis & Emergency Management 3
CJ721 Risk Management & Planning 3
COM722 Crisis Communication 3

Choose two electives:

  • CJ750         Global Criminal Justice Systems (3 credits)
  • CJ751         Victimology (3 credits) 
  • CJ752         Class, Race, Ethnic and Gender Issues in Criminal Justice (3 credits)
  • COM709     Strategies for Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (3 credits) 

Students in the M.S. in Criminal Justice must choose two electives to complete their degree requirements.  Electives can be drawn from:

  • Any courses offered within the Criminal Justice degree program outside of core and your specific concentration requirements
  • Specific courses from graduate offerings in Management and Communication approved by the Chair of Justice Studies  


Course Schedule

<strong>Course Schedule</strong>

Summer Session I, 5/17-7/5
Summer Session II, 7/6-8/24
Course NumberNameFormatDay/TimeSession Dates
CJ 702 Critical Legal Issues in Crim Justice Online Summer I 5/17-7/5
CJ 730 Terrorism & Homeland Security Online Summer I 5/17-7/5
CJ 704 Ethical Theory & Criminal Justice Policy Online Summer II 7/6-8/24
CJ 720 Crisis & Emergency Management Online Summer II 7/6-8/24
Fall Session I, 9/6-10/25
Fall Session II, 10/26-12/14
Course NumberNameFormatDay/TimeSession Dates
CJ 701 The Criminal Justice System & Process Online Fall I 9/6-10/25
CJ 721 Risk Managment & Planning Online Fall I 9/6-10/25
CJ 741 Interpersonal & Relationship Violence Online Fall I 9/6-10/25
CJ 703 Advanced Criminological Thought Online Fall II 10/26-12/14
CJ 731 Transnational Crime Online Fall II 10/26-12/14