Staff Directory

  • Hornbuckle, Del

    Del HornbuckleLibrary Director Office: Brennan Library - Room 203
    Tel: (617) 243-2243

  • Hugo, Jaimee

    Jaimee HugoTechnical Services Assistant Office: Brennan Library
    Tel: (617) 243-2295

  • McCarter, Allison Bjorndahl

    Allison Bjorndahl McCarterReference Librarian, Archivist Office: Brennan Library
    Tel: (617) 243-2169

  • Rush Arruda, Elaine

    Elaine Rush ArrudaHead of Access Services Office: Brennan Library
    Tel: (617) 243-2242

  • Sampson, Lydia

    Lydia SampsonHead of Technical Services Office: Brennan Library
    Tel: (617) 243-2207

  • Shoemaker, Jill

    Jill ShoemakerHead of Reference Office: Brennan Library
    Tel: (617) 243-2328

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Admission Staff Member Comments on College Application Process in Washington Post  Wednesday, August 31, 2016Admission Associate Director Kaitlyn Botelho offered her advice for a recent Washington Post article titled "What college admissions officers say they want in a candidate."

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