Academic Centers

In support of its commitment to Connected Learning, Lasell provides a number of on-campus resources that foster the linkage of classroom learning with practical experience.

Academic Achievement Center
Brennan Library, Ground Floor, 617-243-2306
Lasell College recognizes the individuality of each student's learning profile. Consequently, the Center for Academic Achievement (AAC) offers academic support services to assist students in building stronger foundation skills and in developing their interests and potentials.

Academic Advising Center and First Year Programs
Bancroft House, 617-243-2149
The Center for Academic Advising and First Year Programs provides a centralized location for all first year students' academic advising services. Located in Bancroft House, the Center for Academic Advising is open all day every weekday. Students have access to full-time professional advisors by appointment and on a drop-in basis. In addition, professionally trained peer advisors assist the professional advising staff by helping to prepare students for advising meetings, connecting students to other appropriate campus resources, and providing a student perspective among the professional advising staff. The Center for Academic Advising and First Year Programs provides oversight for additional services for new students including First Year Seminar, Peer Mentoring, the Common Reading Program, and the Student Success Series. In addition, the Center oversees all academic advising for undergraduate students, and serves as an additional resource for students and faculty. The Center aims to support students' success as productive members of the Lasell College community.

Brennan Library
The Brennan Library's collection consists of approximately 55,000 titles, over 106 databases and 201 print magazine subscriptions. Lasell shares an on-line catalog with the 41 members of the Minuteman Library Network, with a total of 5.9 million items. The reference staff helps students find materials in the library and provides access to additional resources elsewhere. Reference service is available at scheduled hours Sunday through Friday.

Center for Community-Based Learning
Klingbeil House, 617-243-2156
The Lasell College Center for Community-Based Learning provides support and opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to engage in community service in order to deepen academic learning; promote values of citizenship; provide practical, project-focused experience; and develop initiatives that make a direct and lasting contribution to local communities and society. In particular, the Center works with students and faculty to design and implement community service-learning projects as an integral component of the Connected Learning concept at Lasell College.Students and faculty participate in a wide range of service programs including: tutoring and mentoring programs in public schools, fundraising for shelters serving victims of domestic violence, volunteering for tax return assistance, and working with organizations providing internet service for urban communities. In addition, the Center organizes the annual Alternative Spring Break Trip which in the past has focused on repairing low income homes in Appalachia and assisting those living with HIV/AIDS.

Center for Teaching and Learning
Lasell College's Center for Teaching and Learning engages faculty in identifying and implementing teaching strategies that support student learning in a Connected Learning environment. It fosters a campus-wide climate that continues Lasell's focus on excellent teaching through shared inquiry, assessment, and reflection across departments and across the curriculum.

Holway Child Study Centers
The Barn (617-243-2287) and Rockwell (617-243-2355)
A Lasell College education is grounded in the opportunities to learn in professional settings that best prepare students for their careers. The Holway Child Study Centers at Lasell-- the Rockwell Nursery School and the Barn -- serve as laboratory schools on campus where students apply the skills and knowledge of many of the different majors offered at the College.

International Programs/Study Abroad
Lasell College is all about connecting the academic experience to the world around us. Studying abroad is one of the best ways of preparing for the new global world in which we live and work. For this reason, Lasell College sees the study abroad experience as an important aspect of the educational experience. It improves cultural understanding and gives students a new perspective on the world and on the United States. It helps students gain independence, maturity and confidence.

Nancy Donahue '49 Center for Ethics, Diversity, and Inclusion
Plummer House, 617-243-2104
The mission of Lasell College's Donahue Center for Ethics, Diversity, and Inclusion is to foster awareness of the importance of a civil society and to create sensitivity to the moral dimensions of choices individuals make. To this end, the Donahue Institute sponsors forums and workshops that not only augment but also extend beyond classroom experience. This is accomplished through hosting speakers, conducting conferences, and showing films intended to extend and deepen students' knowledge of social issues.

RoseMary B. Fuss Center for Research on Aging and Intergenerational Studies
Established in 2001, The RoseMary B. Fuss Center for Research on Aging and Intergenerational Studies, at Lasell College, is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for older adults through research, community partnerships, and teaching focused on aging, lifelong learning, and intergenerational programs.

The RoseMary B. Fuss Technology for Learning Center (TLC)
TLC at Lasell College assists faculty in the use of technology as a tool to achieve curricular objectives, complement pedagogy, engage a diverse population of students, as well as support assessment efforts. Through consultation, training, support, and research and development, we help faculty members design technology projects that support student learning.

Yamawaki Cultural Center
Since 1990, the Yamawaki Art and Cultural Center has been an important vehicle for supporting student involvement in the fine and performing arts as well as for sponsoring fine arts exhibits for the Lasell and broader community. The Center is designed to support the educational and extracurricular programs of Lasell College and Lasell Village through artistic and cultural activities designed for all members and friends of the broadest College community. In recent years, the Center has supported arts exhibits and shows, including student and faculty art shows. The Center is also home to the Newton Country Players, which rehearses and performs at the Yamawaki.

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