Undergraduate Minors

A Minor provides students the opportunity to deepen their understanding and expertise in an additional area of study. Students must maintain a 2.0 [C] average within a Minor program of study, with some programs having additional earned-grade requirements. A Minor consists of a minimum of five courses, at least 50% of which must exist outside of the courses required for the student’s Major or another declared Minor. If a course is listed as an option within a student’s Major requirements (or within another declared Minor), but is not taken to fulfill those requirements, it may be counted toward the Minor as one of the non-major electives. Hence, in five or six-course Minors, three or more courses must be drawn from non-major electives, and cannot be double counted for another Minor. Additionally, at least 50% of courses in a Minor must be taken at Lasell College. Students may declare a Minor at anytime by completing a “Declaration of Minor” form in the Registrar’s Office.

Below is a full listing of the minors available.